"Dear Laurie:

I wanted to write to you earlier but it is today that I have finally settled down since coming back from Australia. To put in simple words the trip was outstanding, and this can only followed by "thank you" (I am sure that you are used to hearing this). To be in the company of yourself, Dingo and Dave, in Cairns with the amount of fish we raised was a truly a dream come true.

After the struggle to get to Australia we all wondered whether it was actually worth the trip, and we agreed in the end that it was actually a small sacrifice. I can not speak highly enough of the mothership operation and the outstanding service we got and the comfortable amenities. Believe it or not the night conversations and fun I had were to me as important as the day of fishing.

This is just a simple note to express my deep appreciation for the outstanding fishing adventure you put together with your outstanding crew.

The best fishing experiences come in the company of people that share your passion and everybody having fun in a wonderful relaxed atmosphere, and this seems to translate into good luck. This was overwhelming true in this trip.
I cannot wait for next year.

One more time thank you very much."

Luis Angel Rincon, Venezuela


"... But when everything is going right, the fish is well hooked, the gear holds together, and the fish out-pulls you-then you know you have encountered something special."

Sea Level by Jeffrey Cardenas


"Laurie has gone far beyond the ordinary in terms of assisting with the planning for, and has delivered a 10 day sportfishing trip and extended exploration of Far North Queensland. The quality of service on board his vessel was superior to any previously experienced around the world and all of his recommendations were spot on."

Rick Gaffney, Hawaii.


"For any angler, to be fishing for giant black marlin along the edge of the Great Barrier Reef, is the ultimate big game angling experience. Chartering a mothership and game boat combination allows you to experience and appreciate the enormous size and variation of the GBR. You are able to move up an down the reef, depending on where the marlin are biting and experience various kinds of fishing and diving available. So each day becomes a 24 hour experience that will overload the visual senses with shapes, colours, and fishing action beyond belief. Bring a good camera!

There is no better captain to put you on the fish, than Laurie Wright. Laurie has been fishing the GBR for 28 years, and knows every pass and pinnacle. Laurie and his crew are extremely professional, catering to the fishing requirements of his clients, and some... are very unusual, like me, who will take advantage of any unusual encounters with all kinds of reef animals from clown fish to whale sharks, that all make for a tremendous GBR experience. Not only is he a great captain and diver, but Laurie is a naturalist, and when you are on one of the greatest natural wonders of the planet, it is good to have a professional guide."

Guy Harvey.