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Captain Laurie & Julie Wright have been ‘hooked up’ and organising sport fishing charters on the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns, Australia for nearly 40 years. Our team work and dedication has come about through our love of the region and its fishing potential.

North Queensland is our fishing playground and we are totally familiar with all aspects of fishing in this region and what the area has to offer to anglers. Having both fished and travelled the world for many years we understand what all avid anglers desire to make their experience that “fishing trip of a life time”.

Australian Fishing Expeditions is a luxury fishing charter company. We have available the finest, modern sportsfishing boats and luxury motherships, operated by professional Captains and crew. This style of fishing expedition allows the avid angler the freedom to roam the 150 nautical miles expanse of reef system where the continental shelf abuts the outer Barrier reefs from Cairns to Lizard Island. This is the ultimate game fishing experience and is available for those purist big fish anglers, and is the best way to enjoy your angling adventure. We also offer other exciting fishing expeditions to remote wilderness locations and personalised tours of the hinterland and outback.

Captain Laurie & Julie Wright

Captain Laurie & Julie Wright

International Game Fishing Association (IGFA) Representative

Captain Laurie Wright has over 40 years experience fishing the Great Barrier Reef

Captain Laurie

IGFA Representative, Captain Laurie Wright has been fishing these waters for 40 years, and in that time has guided his clients to numerous, large Black Marlin, world records, light tackle and heavy tackle tournament wins and hot fishing. Whether you want to fish heavy tackle, light tackle or enjoy the thrill of fly fishing, we have an exclusive charter available for you.

A long-term commitment to his clients and the game fishing industry has seen Captain Laurie Wright’s guests return to fish time and time again. Captain Laurie Wright has steered his anglers to many world records, and the men’s world record black marlin on 8# test line (462#) and the women’s world record black marlin on 30# test line (814#) are still standing.

Guy Harvey Portraits of the DeepRenown marine artist Guy Harvey has fished these waters with Captain Laurie Wright a number of times over the past 18 years, and his impressions of the Great Barrier Reef, the black marlin and other species can be found in numerous paintings, photographs, books television programs and documentaries. A whole chapter of Guy Harvey’s book “Portraits from the Deep” is dedicated to the Reef and his adventures with Captain Laurie Wright.

Captain Laurie Wright has marlin fishing in his blood with famous Australian angler Errol Bullen being a close relative. Errol Bullen’s “Atalanta” was the first purpose built game boat in Australia and he was instrumental in world famous author and angler, Zane Grey coming to Australia to catch Billfish and sharks in the late 1930’s. Errol Bullen continued to fish until the advent of the second world war and his “Atalanta” reels are now valuable collectors items.

Laurie is a long standing member and a past President of the Cairns Professional Game Fishing Association. You are invited to share Captain Laurie Wright’s love of marlin fishing and the Great Barrier Reef so please contact Laurie for more information regarding available dates and rates.

Captain Laurie

Captain Laurie Wright


and The Great Barrier Reef

Destination Cairns & The Great Barrier Reef

Cairns, where the ‘rainforest meets the reef” – Queensland’s tropical north – a vast region stretching from reefs and islands through beach and coastal wetlands to mountains and tablelands. It is a place of colour and contrast, adventure and relaxation, man made pleasures, spectacular scenery and rich natural beauty. The Tropical North’s most famous attraction is the Great Barrier Reef – one of the world’s natural wonders and the perfect playground for an extraordinary range of fishing and recreational pursuits.

This World Heritage listed Marine Park is internationally renown and its beauty can only be truly experienced first hand from a fishing trip to its outer barrier reef edge. Cairns, Australia, where for hundreds of years the Giant Black Marlin have migrated to the waters off the outer Great Barrier Reef to spawn. During this period from September to December Black Marlin in excess of 454 Kilograms, (1,000 pounds) are regularly caught by the Cairns game fishing fleet.

The major centre is Cairns, a cosmopolitan tourist mecca boasting world class hotels, restaurants and an International Airport. The majority of 4 and 5 star hotels are situated right in the heart of Cairns and within easy walking distance of the Marlin marina. The airport is situated a short 10 minute taxi ride from town and the central business district.

Qantas, Virgin Blue, Air New Guinea and Air New Zealand along with other international carriers operate out of Cairns with numerous domestic flights servicing Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne with international connections to the United States, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Situated 16 degrees South of the equator, Cairns has a tropical climate which means it is warm all year. Winter temperatures average 25 C/80 F and summer temperatures average 30 C/89 F.