Sep 28 to Oct 1 at the helm of “Calypso”

Oct 2, 2014 | Fishing News

Captain Laurie just got home from 4 days running “Calypso” for Tim Dean. With crew Dean “Pup” Ford and Mick Jacob and anglers Jason, Damien, Gary and Cookie from Victoria.

The trip started out slow with just one bite on the first day at Linden Bank. Moving up to the Agincourts on day 2 saw Damien tie into a nice 800# in the first five minute of fishing. She was released after some great jumps at the boat. Gary caught one about 200# later in the day and another bite right at the end of fishing for the day.

Staying at the Agincourts saw just one fish for Cookie from 3 bites. Day four was the slog South into 20 knots but the action started pretty quick with Jason catching a feisty 150# fish near a school of yellowfin tuna. Then the bite from hell happened and Jason was on again, this time it wasn’t any rat but a real fish right up there. Fifteen minutes and some fantastic jumps at the boat and she was alongside and released in great condition.

A top job from Jason and a happy man with his first really big fish we put at 990 pounds plus. While winding in the baits before heading to Cairns an explosion on the rainbow runner and Cookie was on with a 750# to finish off a top trip. Well done guys. Captain Laurie will be back out next week for the Lizard Island tournament on “Think Big”.