Ramiro and Mara first trip to the GBR

Oct 22, 2012 | Fishing News

Joining us for thir first time in Australia is Ramiro Gomez and Mara Cuevas. They had a wonderful time fishing with Capt Biggles and crew on board “Calypso”

Even though they could only escape for a 2 day fishing charter, they were able to catch on day one a 250 # and a 850 pounder for Ramiro and then to step right up again on day 2 and release a 900 pounder. This is their first expedition to Australia and they are not going away disappointed. They have now had their taste of big black marlin and have vowed to come back.

The crew on board our mothership “Aroona”¬†have doubley made sure that not only the fishing but the congenial hospitality will bring them back to Australia for another fishing expedition.