Back at the Helm

Oct 27, 2012 | Fishing News

We always laughed about the Rolling Stones come back tours, so many of them and no end in sight. But after the so called retirement in 2010, Captain Laurie Wright is back out there at the helm with his short come back tour. He has taken the helm of the private boat “Think Big” and persuaded (no real persuasion needed) crewman Davo to join him on the deck to fish the 2012 Lizard Island Black Marlin Tournament. Both are stoked to be back out on the GBR even if is blowing 25 knots SE. The only thing missing is our other esstential part of the team, our second crewman Jarrad (Dingo) Boshammer. Wish you could be there Dingo.

Day one saw only one fish tagged for “Think Big” being a 350 pound black marlin tagged and release for Sharon. Day 2 was very productive with a 2 small fish and another nice fish of 850 pounder for Paul Poulter to take them into the lead of Day 2 of the Lizard Island Black Marlin Tournament. Day 3 was not so productive with no fish, but they are still in the equal lead with 4 fish, along side Capt Ross Finlayson on “Top Shot”

Day 4 the winds are blowing a good 25 knots SE and this bought on a flurry of small fish. “Top Shot” found a pod of small fish and tagged three blacks all in the 200 to 350 pound range. Capt Law and the team managed to convert one more tagged small fish. So the standing for Day 4 was “Top Shot” in the lead with 7 tags and “Think Big” in second with 5 tags.

Day 5 was another small fish day, but finally the weather is starting to ease back. “Think Big” converted another small fish for Sharon Poulter, which puts her in definite contention for Champion Female angler by a good margin. It also puts them in second place and the hunt for the leader board with a total of 6 tagged fish. “Top Shot” found another cluster of small fish and managed to tag 3 more blacks to keep them in the lead with a total of 10 tagged fish.

Day 6 was truly the team on “Top Shot’s” day, with a huge fish tagged and released at the estimated 1200 pound and 2 other smaller fish. Both “Little Audrey” and “Kekoa”  tagged 2 fish each and put them into 2nd and 3rd place. The team on “Think Big” could not seem to find them today, but are still in contention.

Day 7 and the final day of the tournament and it all belonged to the team on “Top Shot” with a whopping 14 tags in total giving them 1st place, with Mr Tomonori Omi taking out champion angler. Captain Law, Dave and the Poulters held in with 5th place with 6 tagged fish. Congratulations Sharon on taking out Champion female angler. All the results can be viewed at http://www.lizardislandgfc.asn.au 

The dates for the 2013 Lizard Island Black Marlin Classic are October 12th -19th 2013.