About Us

Australian Fishing Expeditions

Captain Laurie & Julie Wright and have been ‘hooked up’ and organising sport fishing charters on the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns, Australia for over 35 years. Our team work and dedication has come about through our love of the region and its fishing potential.

North Queensland is our fishing playground and we are totally familiar with all aspects of fishing in this region and what the area has to offer to anglers. Having both fished and travelled the world for many years we understand what all avid anglers desire to make their experience that "fishing trip of a life time".

Australian Fishing Expeditions is a luxury fishing charter company. We have available the finest, modern sportsfishing boats and luxury motherships, operated by professional Captains and crew. This style of fishing expedition allows the avid angler the freedom to roam the 150 nautical miles expanse of reef system where the continental shelf abuts the outer Barrier reefs from Cairns to Lizard Island. This is the ultimate game fishing experience and is available for those purist big fish anglers, and is the best way to enjoy your angling adventure. We also offer other exciting fishing expeditions to remote wilderness locations and personalised tours of the hinterland and outback.

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